Frequently asked questions

Safety recommendations

Knowing how to take the waves greatly affects the experience of the trip, to the point that taking a wave badly can even be dangerous, causing damage to the boat and the crew.

Problems generally occur when one faces the wind, that’s when the waves affect us the most.

Whenever possible, the waves must be faced at an angle of 30º-45º, this “increases” the contact surface with the wave and allows smoothing the up and down movement, preventing the boat from jumping.

This method may slightly increase travel time and require more concentration by the captain, but the difference in travel is wide.

Waves produced by wake of large ships should be taken this way whenever possible, these are the most dangerous.

Large waves if taken poorly can potentially cause an accident.

As a general rule, try to avoid wave crests and breaks, always looking for the boat to lean laterally (Role) as little as possible.

Like a car driver, the designated captain must not drink alcohol.

We strongly request that you do not jump off the ship while it is in motion.

For safety, we always recommend swimming less than 200 meters from the coast.

If the boat is not properly anchored, at least one crew member must be in it.

BUT if you don’t have experience driving, be sure that the boat is properly anchored first.

Our boats are coastal boats, we always recommend staying at a distance less than 500 meters from the coast.

Never going out to sea, the maritime captain takes this type of transgression very seriously and can lead to high fines, which must be settled by the ship’s crew.

General questions

For safety, you must always return the boat at the end of the day, being able to rent it the next day

You can contact us and we coordinate a different schedule, for our part there are generally no problems, always taking into account that the rentals are daytime, you can not navigate before sunrise or sunset.

Yes! we generally publish it on our social networks or in campaigns, you can ask us if we have any active campaign or promotion

If we consider that the weather is dangerous to make a trip, we try to agree on a new date, if not, the amount paid is refunded.

Changes can be made two (two) weeks in advance or more, at no cost.

As an option, when making the reservation, we offer the Flex package that allows you to modify the reservation up to 48 hours prior to boarding.

Travel related

Yes, but the boat should not be lost sight of at any time.

Keep in mind that only boats whose length is less than 4 meters can approach the beach.

In our case, only La Wally (3.6m) can approach the beach, but we do not recommend it for captains with little experience, as rocks could easly break the engine.

We recommend being in the place 15 minutes before the departure time, so they have time to settle down and that the necessary information for navigation is transmitted to them

In case of not notifying, the staff will wait a maximum of 30 minutes, after the time the reservation is considered lost, without the possibility of recovering the deposit paid.

In case of warning, the staff will not wait longer than (1 hour) from the agreed time.

The delay time by the crew does not influence the return time of the boat

If there is no other reservation that day that may be affected by the extension, you can, always paying the corresponding amount indicated on the boat.

In case of not coordinating with us previously, a proportional of € 30 will be charged every half hour of delay.

If this delay affects another reservation, the client will bear the potential losses suffered by Balearic Ribs, in addition to the aforementioned amount.

Final cleaning includes removing debris, algae or nitrate from the boat.

Does not include food scraps, trash or broken toys. In which case an amount equal to (€ 30) will be charged for every half hour of cleaning. With a minimum of half an hour.

If the cleaning of the boat influences the following reservation, the client will be responsible for the monetary losses incurred by Balearic Ribs.

It depends on the navigation license of the crew,

Without a degree, or with the Basic Navigation License, you can navigate within a 2 mile radius from a port.

This would be approximately to Cala Vinyes or Illetes beach.

With the Basic Sailing Skipper title, you can navigate within a 5 mile radius of the port.

This covers up to Cala Figuera or Playa de palma.

Although this degree no longer limits the navigation distance, since when leaving the radius of portals, you enter the radius of a nearby port, we strongly request not to exceed this distance.

You do not need a licence to rent most of our boats, but having it can allow you to go further.

You can check the question How far can I go? for more information about it.

You are at risk of being intervened by maritime security, in which case you expose yourself to fines and legal problems. Also, any problems that occur are not covered by our travel insurance.

Boat related

Before boarding, you will be informed how to use all the elements necessary to maintain safe navigation, as well as the basic rules of navigation and data to take into account.

In addition, the boat has informative brochures where all this information is repeated and it is clearly detailed how to use all the elements of the boat.

In case of hiring our flat rate, the fuel of the boat is included, up to a maximum of a full tank. The recharge is the responsibility of the client.

In case of not contracting it, the fuel tank must be returned with an amount of fuel equal to or greater than that received, otherwise the missing amount of the deposit will be discounted, adding a cost of € 10 for management.

It is under the complete responsibility of the client to check the levels of gasoline, which can be refilled at the gas station of any port.

If you run out of gasoline in the middle of the trip, the client is responsible for the expenses incurred by Balearic Ribs to recover the boat.

The insurance of the boat does not cover accidents caused by negligence of the captain.

The included fuel package is limited to one tank of gasoline, refilling is at the customer’s expense.

The boat is considered returned when all its guests have left it and removed their belongings

Vests are available for all members, it is important to clearly specify in the reservation the ages of the members to have the correct vests for all the crew.

There is a first aid kit available to the crew, the elements of this are for use in emergencies, if used without due justification, the crew must compensate Balearic Ribs for them.

Finally, a sign mirror and oars are included.

Final cleaning includes removing debris, algae or sand from the boat. Does not include food scraps, trash or broken toys.

In the event that the boat is returned with food or garbage remains, a minimum amount of (€ 30) is charged.

If the boat is very dirty, the minimum cleaning fee is (€ 60).

If the cleaning of the boat influences the following reservation, the client will be responsible for the monetary losses incurred by Balearic Ribs.

All the boats have an ice chest, some larger than others, but generally they are usually large enough to carry the day’s provisions.

The warranty extends exclusively to the number of
people who are declared in the reservation contract, without such number may exceed the maximum authorized for the boat.

In case of exceeding this limit, it is considered an unauthorized action and the insurance will not be responsible for the accidents caused, being the crew members who must respond to legal actions by Balearic Ribs.

Insurance covers:
Accidents: bodily injury derived from violent and external action, produced against the Insured’s will.

Death: The death of the Insured within one year from the date of the accident and as a consequence thereof.
In this Guarantee, the person who is to receive the guaranteed sum in the event of the death of the insured shall be a Beneficiary.

Permanent Disability: irreversible anatomical or functional losses, suffered by the Insured and manifested within one year from the date of the accident and as a consequence thereof.

We do not recommend it but in case of doing so, the client will be fully responsible for the damages caused by it.

By law, if you are under 12 years old or with physical / mental problems that make swimming difficult, you must wear vests throughout the trip.

All our boats have Bimini, in case you want to remove it, it is generally possible to ask for more information on how to do it at the time of boarding.

A 15hp engine like those on our boats consumes an average of 5 ~ 6L. This amount is not fixed and but it is usually in this margin.

Yes, anyone who can drive a car can drive a boat.

Always bearing in mind that the maritime laws are much stricter than the land laws and that any problem will mainly respond to the designated captain and then the rest of the crew.

You can fish on semi-rigid boats as long as you have a fishing license.

Please note that if the boat is left with fish remains or dirty, an extra cleaning service will be charged.

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