Obviously the answer depends on the season and the destination you are navigating, but is always advisable on board to have some warm clothes as the sea is always cools at times especially at night and windy days. Another detail to take into account is carrying non rigid luggage  or backpack  that can be stored easily inside the boat. What to bring?:

– Clothing:

It is best not to exceed what is necessary to carry but not lack anything. As mentioned the warm clothing is important. Bring a sea jacket, hat, etc.. Also a pair of shorts and long trousers, swimwear and T-shirts, pyjamas and do not forget a pair of  flip-flops as they are the best option to use the showers of any yacht clubs with guaranteed hygiene.

On the boat is always provided sheets and blankets. In contrast, the towels usually borne by the customer. It is advisable to have one for the sea and other for the shower.

– Shoes:

The ship’s deck is usually white, with anti slip, and therefore always have to be used white rubber soles. If not, there is a risk of leaving marks on the boat deck. Probably the best shoes are running shoes with laces.

– Sun protection:

Is essential to always carry sun protection cream. A hat  and a good sun cream are important to avoid problems. With or without sun the sea breeze always tanned skin.

– Charging electronics:

To charge our electronic devices like mobile phones onboard when in the sea we recommend a 12 volt car charger. When moored in the port there is also a  port of 220 volt. Where we can also charge or use any electrical appliances such as shavers, hair dryers, etc …

– Other:

Bring mosquitoes repellent and sea sick pills.

– Food:

It is advisable to make a large shopping of food before leaving the first day and then replace what is missing at each stop. Don’t buy much as too often too many things  ultimately end up been thrown into the bean when cleaning the boat. If it’s possible bring a  precooked homemade dish. They keep nicely in the boat refrigerator  and after a few days in the sea homemade dish is priceless.

As for drinks, buy a good amount of mineral water. At sea, is normal to be thirsty and we is convenient to continually hydrate especially in the summer.

– The kitchen:

Although any boat has a full kitchen to cook comfortably onboard navigation and kitchen are not good friends. Cooking with fire can be dangerous and we recommend use it only when necessary. So onboard the food consist mainly on snacks sausages, salads, preserves, fruit or simply heating ready meals. You can always go out to eat at restaurants at every stop on the mainland.


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