The competition in super boats has hit a whole new level, with the release of the ne initiative called “mega support-yacht.”

This are for individuals who usually want to upgrade their mega yachts and require even more space for their toys; helis, jetskies, launches,  submarines… The support yacht functions as a mobile storage area, going together with the primary yacht bringing along all of the owner’s large “toys.”

Even though this type of support boats existed for quiet a long time, the boat producer Amels has introduced the Ferrari of support yachts – the SEA AXE 6711, a sparkling 75 meters transport boat that can hold a helicopter, plenty of medium size boats, a submarine, the scuba dive gear, jet skis and many many more stuff.
As you can imagine the Amels is some quite expensive. But they’ve only just sold 2 of them. Amel´s also states that there is an increased interest from other possible buyers.

The company says that the principal attractive of a support-yacht is its speed and storage space. By Transfering the toys to the supplementary craft, owners can win back a lot more space on their primary yachts for other stuff as wetbars, Jacuzzis and bedrooms.

This types of assiastant yachts are designed for example when in need of landing a helicopter on a big yacht. This procedure will most likely be very disruptive to the people inside.They all need to be inside, secure any loose stuff, get the crew to a fire safety area, etc… With this type of support yacht nearby its possible to land without hassle and interruption.

The SEA AXE is also quicker than the rest due  to its ax like structure. It can move to speeds up to 25 knots so it can travel faster than the main yacht. That permits owners to allow the support yacht behind to load and unload or go ahead to get ready for the upcoming stop.


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