Did you ever dream of having your own boat? If the answer is Yes we want and can help you to make it reality. In we are professional in boats, yachts and sailboats rentals industry so we put at your disposal all our resources.

We have the support of the best professionals in the industry so we can offer you a complete boats rental management program. So having your own boat has never been easier, cheaper and profitable.

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Our main goal is to grow in a market in constant expansion, especially in Spain where the boating industry is one of the largest in the world. Our main partner currently has 24 boats, yachts and sailboats in management, only in Ibiza, although we are open to any part of Spain.

We manage your boat or sailboat in a way that is effective, transparent and without worries for you. Simply enjoy your boat or sailboat when you want and we will take care of it and keep it rented the rest of the year.






Consultancy in the following areas:

-Company creation

-Vessel registration.

– Harbour master Relations.

-Technical documentation.

-Relevant authorizations.


-Tax exemption, finance and invoices.

Boat purchase based on your tastes and needs.

Discounts from major shipyards.

-Boat or sailboat equipment; extras and options.

-Delivery time.

-Follow-up with the shipyard’s deadlines.

-Claims and guarantees.

-Financing advice.

-Funding proposals.

-ICO, nautical mortgage, Leasing funds.

-Repayment, interest-rate terms.



– Ads of your boat at , and all our partner agencies (around 900 around the world).

-79% Of the population uses  Internet to book their holidays, having  strong online presenceas we do, it is important.
-High web traffic guarantees a high level of reserves.
-Constantly web optimization.
-Continuous investment in business development positioning (online and offline).
-Google Adwords and other PPC advertising programs.
-Online Booking manager available to customers.
-Section for agencies and partners.
-Direct and indirect collaboration with around 900 agencies world-wide.
-Comprehensive reserves of Yacht Charter and yacht management program.
-Specialized magazine advertising: Skipper, sailing, sailing, marine, special Charter boats.
-Lettering and direct advertising: the own fleet and that want, patella directly.
-Active campaigns:
-Contact of client portfolio and range of our boats.
-Specific campaigns to cover “holes” of occupation.
-Segmentation of campaigns by nationalities.
-High levels of customers loyalty.
-Attracting new customers through collaboration with companies in the nautical sector.
-Offer of complementary products through collaboration with companies of nautical products.


-Commercial relationship with customers

-Presentation of the companies.

-Offers preparation, execution and tracking results.

-Competion reports.

-Preparation of the rental contract.


-Cash and bonds.


-Creation of  the boats and sailboats manuals of use.

-Reception of  customers in the Base port.

-Telephone customer service 24 hours a day.

-Loyalty and customer satisfaction campaigns

-Sale focused on customer loyalty.

-Relation with suppliers.

-Monitoring of guarantees and manufacturers claims.

-Seamanship, cleaning, check in, check out, safety, tuning visits.

-Insurance, negotiation and contracting. 

-Qualified patterns.

-Localization and negotiation of moorings.


-Administrative tasks.

-Invoices issued and received. Classification and monitoring according to budgets.


-Collection and payments.

– Boat documentation.


-Role (harbourmaster).

-Licenses and authorizations.


-Advice and collection; VAT, corporate tax, profit and loss account.


-Control and monitoring allthe technical aspects of the ship.

-Relations with suppliers.

-Search for solutions in all technical aspects.

-Warranty claims.

-Maintenance (hull, deck, sails, components and engine).

-Trim and rigging.


-Deck hardware.

-Seamanship, cleaning, check in, check out, safety, tuning visits.


-Offices in Ibiza, Bilbao and Madrid


Control your boat or fleet in real time in a simple and transparent manner. You will have access to all information related to the management of the boat.

-Secure access to the information.

-Advertising campaigns reports including traffic generated.


-Invoices and contracts.

-All technical tasks performed and pending reports.


-Integrated management of your vessel or fleet, knowing at all times the level of occupation of their boat.


-Same price for all users.


-We only work with quality suppliers.


-ONLY to rent the boat to a specific customer profile, there is no interest in forcing a not desired occupation  by the owner of the boat.


-No long terms commitments (1 year renewable). You decide and stay if you are happy with our service.


-We not only rent your boat during the summer season. If you wish, we can do it also in the winter.


-Ibiza and Majorca during the summer.


-Weekend rentals in Denia, Valencia and Barcelona.


-Complementing these destination, delegations of the sailing club, which guarantees an annual turnover (winter and summer) can be opened. Format exclusive to (and its suppliers) and with a 100% success.


-Constant education and pursuit of new opportunities to optimize your investment.


-Possible exploitation of  the Caribbean market (depending on the boat length).


Our prices are in line with the market, check for custom proposals.


-Treatments all customers equally, regardless of volume, interests, etc…

-We constantly take care of our clients interests.

-You can choose the customer profile for your boat.

– There never a conflict of interest.

-Possibility to rent the boat even if  there is no benefit for the company ( friends or relatives).

-Annual budget in marketing and management.

-Full transparency in economic management.

-Cheaper than the competition.



Opportunity to own a boat, while a profit is generated and with the peace of mind that everything is being taked care by us.

High returns with little risk.

-Project in constant growth.

-We constantly increase the fleet to feed demand.

-Values, ethics, accountability and transparency in the boat rental business.

-We move through the passion and enthusiasm, we are therefore open to any proposal that keep enthusing us.

-If you want to have your own boat and generate an economic benefit without concerns, we invite you to contact us and we will study your case without commitments.


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