Boat rental service

We put at your disposal everything you need for an unforgettable experience in your own boat.



Enjoy all the freedom of a boat trip holiday with or without skipper! Embark on a nautical adventure in Spain or abroad, in company of family and friends to live a dream vacation. Experience the pleasure of sailing and we’ll do the rest.

This service is focused both on people with experience and total beginners. In we offer you the possibility of hiring one of our professional skippers that will  not just take you where you wish, it also offers you the added benefit of a friendly guide who knows the attractiveness of each area. Ensuring an unforgettabl estress free journey around the beautiful Spanish or Mediterranean coast.

We have a wide variety of boats; from luxury yachts and  sailboats to other more economical boats. But they all have a common denominator, quality and safety. So you always have an enjoyable experience. You can visit all our boats in the following section: boats of rent in Spain.

We cover the majority of the Spanish geography, from Ibiza, Barcelona, Alicante, Malaga, etc… and we are constantly growing to offer you more and better variety.

The boats are normally rented for a group of people, thus making it an economical and unforgettable vacation alternative.

Enjoy already a vacation dream on board of your own boat!


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