Morrocco boat route


Morocco‘s North African coast is between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. There are thousands of places where nature has been kept intact in its hundreds of kilometres of navigable coast. From small and traditional fishing villages to places with idyllic nature, near the desert.

It is possible to enjoy the pleasures of sailing a boat and other water activities apart from a fascinating culture. A boat trip will give you access to many places while enjoying a unique experience. Ideal to spend a dream holiday in family and friends, around the beautiful beaches of white sand, warm waters and wonderful landscapes.

The best plan would be to rent a boat from any port of the Spanish south coast such Malaga or Cadiz. The navigation  is very good since it is a windy although it is necessary to take into account that it is one of the places with more maritime traffic on the planet. Overall is a great place to experience a boat trip.



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